Build and Deploy Serverless Application with webpack

npm i -g serverless
npm install -D webpack typescript ts-loader serverless-webpack webpack-node-externals terser-webpack-plugin fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin
 npm install aws-sdk lodash @types/lodash 
touch serverless.yml
touch webpack.config.js
touch tsconfig.json

individually: true
- serverless-webpack
webpackConfig: './webpack.config.js'
packager: 'npm'
- aws-sdk
serverless config credentials --provider aws --key <Access Key ID> --secret <Secret Access Key>
sls deploy --config serverless.yml
serverless deployment result
sls invoke -f  testLambda  -l
lambda invoke result
sls remove 
remove serverless stack

Full Stack Engineer | Building Beautiful UI | Problem Solver

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Anis Alam

Anis Alam

Full Stack Engineer | Building Beautiful UI | Problem Solver

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