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Recently I got chance to solve an interesting as well as a challenging problem. We were working on a Node.js / Typescript application build on top of serverless framework. We were using aws cloudFormation template to deploy the aws lambdas after manually packaging the build artifacts. It was all good when the codebase was small, the deployment was working fine. But as we started adding new features, the codebase started to grow exponentially. As a result , the size of the build artifact kept increasing and finally one day …… BOOM !!!!!!!

The deployment started failing because the…

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ES6 :

Javascript ES6

The Ecmascript 2015 is also known popularly as ES6 . ES6 introduced below key features :

Promises :
One of the major and most loved feature of ES6 was `Promise`.
Promise as the word suggests is an object that represents something that will be available in the future. It solved a major problem developers used to face in the earlier versions of Javascript i.e. callback hell .

Hello Everyone ,
This is my first blog on medium. In this blog we will discuss about EcmaScript standard.
As you may aware that EcmaScript is a scripting-language-specification standardarized by ecma international in the ECMA-262 and ECMA-402 specifications. It was created to standarize Javascript by Brendan Eich of netscape.

ES5 and the ES6 (also known as EcmaScript 2009 & 2015) are the most popular and widely used standard for JS. In this blog we will discuss these two standards broadly. First Let’s discuss about ES5 :

ES5 : ES5 was first released in 2009 , 10 years after the previous…

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